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Intrepid Travel

Not only does Intrepid Travel run excellent tours to just about every corner of the planet, but the company is a true pioneer of responsible and sustainable travel. In 2014 it became the first major operator to ban elephant rides, and in the years since it has worked tirelessly to make its offerings more responsible and sustainable, while simultaneously encouraging the wider travel industry to follow suit. For day trips, I also love Intrepid’s Urban Adventures.


Encounters Travel

I have taken several excellent active group tours with Encounters Travel, which employs some of the best guides I’ve ever had the pleasure to travel with. The company actively encourages guests to play an active role in limiting their impact via activities like desert clean-up days in Egypt.

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Travel Gear


The Scrubba Wash Bag

Like a drybag with an inbuilt flexible washboard (that rolls up for easy storage in your pack) the Scrubba is one of my all-time favourite travel essentials, allowing me to handwash my travel clothes much more effectively than in a hostel sink, and saving loads of water while I’m at it.

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Flight, hotel, & other travel bookings


The Sustainable Traveller

I’m loving that Australia now has a sustainable travel booking platform. The Sustainable Traveller website allows you to book entire yours or just hotels, safe in the knowledge that every option has been vetted for its sustainability practices.


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