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Having travelled the world several times over as a professional travel journalist, I have a deep understanding of the impact that travel can have on natural areas and communities, for better and for worse.

Frustrated by a lack of responsible and sustainable tourism awareness among fellow travellers and the travel industry itself, and concerned by the volume of misinformation about sustainable travel on the internet, I launched ecotravelist as a platform that conscious travellers can trust to help plan your trips in a way that maximises your travel experience while minimising your negative impact on the incredible destinations you visit.

Responsible and sustainable travel has been my key focus for most of the past decade of my travel writing career, and I make every effort to deliver well-researched travel advice that aligns with the principles of responsible tourism and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. I acknowledge that I don’t always get it right, and I welcome constructive feedback.

Currently based in Australia (when I’m not travelling), I manage ecotravelist alongside working as a freelance travel writer and editor for more than a dozen travel titles in Australia, the UK, and the US. For more info and links to my latest travel articles and books, head over to

My travels are sometimes supported in some way by tourist boards or other travel operators; when this is the case, it is disclosed in the content produced as a result of the trip. All opinions expressed are my own.


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Ecotravelist is one of the world’s only sustainable travel websites run by a professional travel journalist. While I might not have the page views and social media followings of more established travel influencers, my background means that by collaborating with me, you can be assured that my content will be of the highest professional standard, giving your brand credibility and edge.



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· Social media campaigns

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