How to travel sustainably in Phuket


It’s no secret that Phuket is no longer the unspoiled tropical paradise that first started luring international travellers to its shores in the 1970s. Yet thanks to its still-beautiful beaches, choice of good value hotels, excellent food and convenient air links, Thailand’s favourite…

5 epic places to swim with dolphins in the wild


Graceful, curious and highly intelligent, dolphins are pretty awesome animals. No wonder swimming alongside one is right up there on many people’s travel bucket lists. Thanks in no small part to the worldwide success of Blackfish (if you haven’t seen…

Review: Reefsleep, Great Barrier Reef


Among the many pleasures of travelling, enjoying a wonderful destination all to yourself is right up there. My prior visits to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef had all been in the company of a hundred-odd other tourists on a big boat,…