5 of the most amazing eco-hotels opening in 2017


I admit I’m always a little wary of the term ‘eco-hotel’. As there is nothing to stop any ol’ hotel owner from whacking this label on their property – and many do – travellers can easily be duped into supporting…

6 reasons to take that trip to Alaska right now


To fall back on an overused but oh-so-apt cliché, Alaska really is one of the world’s last great untamed wildernesses. I’ve been lucky enough to visit this vast, gobsmackingly beautiful state twice – the first time on a road-trip through the southeast…

How to plan a gorilla-spotting trip


Brought back from the brink of extinction following a catastrophic decline in numbers since the species was classified in 1902, mountain gorillas are one of the world’s rare conservation success stories. Numbering less than 900 in the wild, however, these…