Hiking Mt Kilimanjaro? Here’s how to do it responsibly


Topped with its iconic dome of ice and snow, Mt Kilimanjaro has beckoned hikers since its 5895m peak was first summited over a century ago. Last month, I made the journey myself. While ascending Kili alongside British-Australian explorer Tim Jarvis…

A local’s guide to Byron Bay


Byron Bay is a special place. I was incredibly lucky to grow up in this beautiful northern NSW town, and after upping sticks 15 years ago to move to Sydney and then work and travel all over the world, I’m…

Why you should still travel to Myanmar (responsibly)


From the ancient temples of Bagan to the iconic fishermen of Inle Lake, Myanmar is one of Asia’s most alluring cultural travel destinations. Yet the continuing Rohingya crisis has led some travellers to question whether it’s ethical to visit a…