Ecotravelist is dedicated to globetrotters with big travels dreams as well as a desire to minimise their footprint on (and give back to) the places they visit.

Tourism can have a much bigger impact on local people and the environment than many travellers realise. But while it’s fair to assume that most travellers would prefer to travel responsibly, it can be difficult to make the right choices in a travel era when so many travel services and operators use sustainable travel terminology (amongst other tricks) to make travellers feel like they are making responsible choices, when in truth the products they choose may have little (or no) sustainable credentials.

Managed by Australian travel writer and low-impact travel expert Sarah Reid, ecotravelist is designed to connect conscientious travellers with legitimately sustainable travel information, operators and enterprises. From in-depth articles to travel tips, gear guides to eco-hotel reviews, ecotravelist aims to inspire, inform, and ultimately give travellers the tools they need to make the best travel decisions for themselves, without harming the amazing destinations they visit.

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