Sarah at the Punahka Dzong in Bhutan
Sarah at the Punahka Dzong in Bhutan

I’m pretty sure I was born with the travel bug, but it wasn’t until 2009 that I really gave into it. Following several post-uni years working in Sydney as a features and entertainment writer for women’s lifestyle magazines including Cosmopolitan and Grazia, I made the tough decision to give up a great role to ‘do a ski season’ in Canada. One season became two, and before I knew it my little career break had morphed into a seven-year travel odyssey taking in almost 100 countries, including a whole year backpacking around Latin America and four years working in London, first as a freelance travel writer and city guide editor at travel app Guidepal, and then as a destination editor at Lonely Planet, where I commissioned, edited and wrote guidebooks and online content spanning Southeast Asia to the Caribbean.

When I first started travelling independently after finishing high school, I was hungry to tick off the world’s top travel experiences. I always tried to tread carefully along the way, but rarely was I fully aware of the impact my travel plans were having on each destination and its inhabitants. Had I known what I do now about the importance (not to mention the benefits) of travelling more sustainably, I like to think I would have made some better choices. Given there are still so few travel publications out there dedicated to helping travellers make the right choices, I figured I’d create this website to act as a resource conscientious travellers can trust to deliver well-researched travel content that is always grounded in sustainability. 

Seduced back to the sunny shores of Australia in 2016 after seven years living abroad, I now manage ecotravelist alongside working as a freelance travel writer and editor for various travel magazines, news sites, guidebooks and travel brands based in Australia, the UK, and beyond.


Disclaimer: My travels are sometimes supported in some way by tourist boards or other travel operators; where this is the case, it’ll be made clear in the content produced as a result of the trip. All opinions expressed are my own.